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Help protect the children of Doby’s Bridge Elementary School from the health and safety dangers caused by a gas station less than 300 feet from the school’s playground and air-intake.

Layout of the Gas StationCropped
Layout of the Gas StationCropped


We are working to raise awareness of the effects of placing a gas station next to an elementary school.

As concerned parents of the children at Doby's Bridge Elementary School, we have started a movement to stop...

You've got to see this! If you have children in your life you adore, check out our research to see why we are so passionate about this!

We have added some supporting links to Our Research page.

We have started a funding page as we work toward retaining an attorney to help us through this process. 

Any support you can give is greatly appreciated.

We would love to have you join our facebook page and show your support for our Kids Safety

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Gas Station (See page 20)



Big Deal?

What's the big deal anyway? There are obviously gas stations in communities...

Let's Take an Aerial Tour close is this gas station anyway?