Retail Space Will be a Gas Station

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Doby's Bridge Market is actually a gas station!

The image is misleading...the verbiage is misleading.

Surprise! A gas station... less than 300 ft from our elementary school.

This a health and safety hazard for our children and the staff of Doby Bridge Elementary. The EPA School Siting guidelines recommend a school to be built 1000ft from a gas station. Yet, the city planners thought it was ok to build a school next to a zone that could be a gas station WITHOUT putting variances on the commercially zoned lot for the health and safety of our children. YES, they can add variances to already zoned land, especially for the health and safety of children!

NOTE: Screening distances are intended to identify potential land uses near candidate school locations that warrant further consideration rather than to identify land uses that may be incompatible with the location of schools. Screening distances, alone, may not be predictive of the actual potential for a source located within that distance to present an environmental or health hazard. Potential hazards associated with candidate school locations should be evaluated as part of the site screening and evaluation process.

From the EPA School Siting Guidelines (page 52)

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